New Zealand Labour Party

National’s trade target ruse another promise on the never never

The Prime Minister 2030 trade target is a ruse to avoid acknowledging National's failure to meet its election promise to lift exports from 30 per cent to 40 percent of GDP by 2025, says Labour’s Trade spokesperson David Parker

"It is another meaningless promise on the never never.

“The sad reality is that our exports are down to just 26 per cent of GDP. This failure by National won’t be cured by 2030 promises about  FTAs . 

“His talk of 90 per cent of our exports being covered by free trade agreements by 2030 is just that - talk. It does virtually nothing to rebalance the economy away from speculation to productive exports.

His grand 'Trade Agenda 2030' has not a single reference to any goal of lifting exports as a percentage of GDP. That ambition has disappeared, says David Parker.