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National's Stairway to Heaven

All that glitters…

Official documents showing the Government has spent $19.5 million on a revamp of the Ministry of Education building serve as a reminder that National’s profligacy continues unabated.

The refit, the latest in a series of Ministry mega-spends, includes a $2.6 million grand staircase, a “Koru”-style transit lounge and a “concierge” style arrangement in the reception area. It comes as schools around the country are being told there’s no cash for desperately needed upgrades to past-their-use-by date buildings.

And it comes hard on the heels of the much-criticised MBIE spend-up.

Practice what we preach? Not so much.

Chris Hipkins has labelled the 12-floor staircase the “Stairway to Heaven”.

With apologies to Led Zeppelin, it does make us wonder, ooh it makes us wonder, what next?

Meanwhile here’s a rundown of what your taxpayer dollars have “bought” over the last few months:

 Ministry of Education Refit  
 Furniture  $3,281,777
 Grand internal staircase   $2,575,938
 New website   $1,200,000
 MBIE Refit  
 An LED television set  $140,747
 A roof deck  $260,000
 Stone sign  $67,340
 Reception desk  $74,833
 New website  $560,000