New Zealand Labour Party

Nats unprepared for record immigration

National’s under-investment in housing, public services, and infrastructure means New Zealand is literally running out of beds for the record number of new migrants, says Labour’s Immigration spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway.

“People who migrate to New Zealand bring much needed skills and cultural diversity to our country but National’s failure to invest is letting down both new migrants and the people who are already here.

“In the past year, immigration into Auckland alone ran at 100 people a day, yet National is planning to build just one affordable house a day in the city. All up, Auckland built less than half the houses it needed last year, adding to the existing shortfall of 40,000 houses. Inviting so many people to our country when we don’t have the houses they need is irresponsible and unfair to everyone.

“Our roads, rail, schools and hospitals haven’t had the investment they need from the Government to keep up with the pressure created by such rapid population growth.

“National’s had nine years to fix this; it’s time for fresh thinking on immigration. Labour’s going to invest in the housing, transport, and public services we all need. We’re going to build homes that people can afford to buy. We’re also going to take a breather on immigration so that our infrastructure has a chance to catch up,” says Iain Lees-Galloway.