New Zealand Labour Party

Nats will jump at chance to vote for KiwiBuild Bill

National will welcome the chance to vote for a real solution to the housing crisis after their many, many failed attempts, says Labour MP for Te Tai Tokerau Kelvin Davis.

Kelvin Davis’s Housing Corporation (Affordable Housing Development) Amendment Bill was drawn from the ballot today. It implements Labour’s KiwiBuild policy by requiring the Housing Minister and Housing New Zealand to plan and undertake an affordable house construction programme that will build 10,000 affordable houses per year for selling to first home buyers.

“I’m expecting a call from Nick Smith any minute to congratulate us on getting a real solution to the housing crisis up for a vote. His lot have had long enough and completely failed to fix the housing mess. Smith will be saying ‘having a plan and building houses, why didn’t we think of that’?

“Like Andrew Little says, when you’ve got a housing crisis, you build some bloody houses. That’s what this Bill does: makes the government build affordable homes and sell them to first home buyers.

“Only a quarter of adults under 40 own their own home these days; the Kiwi dream is slipping away. Labour’s going to fix that with this KiwiBuild law and by cracking down on foreign speculators who use our houses like gambling chips.

“Labour’s got the answer to the housing crisis, and I look forward to all other parties backing it. After all, all parties should support giving Kiwi families a fair shot at buying an affordable home,” says Kelvin Davis.