New online tool for health and safety policy

A new online resource will enable small businesses to create health and wellbeing policies quickly and easily, through the website.

“The online Workplace Policy Builder makes it easy for small businesses to tailor policies to the individual circumstances of their workplaces,” says Small Business Minister Stuart Nash.

“Small businesses who lack in-house expertise can avoid the hassle of drawing up a policy from scratch by using this new online tool. It offers them the assurance that their policies will comply with current law.

“We created the Health and Wellbeing policy to help small businesses create a healthy, safe and positive working environment for their staff.

“A good working environment is good for business. Workplaces are more likely to have higher productivity and sales, more creativity and improved customer satisfaction. 

The new policy was developed in association with the Health Promotion Agency, and adds to the existing policies in the Workplace Policy Builder. These include policies for flexible work practices, IT and social media, annual leave and holidays. More policies are in development.

Workplace Policy Builder is part of a suite of free online tools from that help making running a small business easier for business owners and managers.

Other tools include the recently launched Choose Business Structure tool and Employment Agreement Builder.  An estimated half a million employment agreements have been created based on the Employment Agreement Builder since it launched in April 2016.