New Zealand Labour Party

New revelations in Joanne Harrison report

The State Services Commission’s report into the treatment of whistle-blowers by Joanne Harrison has revealed new accusations against the convicted fraudster, says Labour MP Sue Moroney. 

“The report found that four staff inside the Ministry of Transport who had raised concerns about Harrison’s behaviour suffered disadvantage in processes Harrison was involved in.

“It’s clear that the whistle-blowers were exemplary in their actions to stop Joanne Harrison’s fraud but they were let down by their senior management. 

“The report details cases as early as 2013 of whistle-blowers in the finance team raising concerns about Harrison’s invoicing practises. 

“It was also the finance team that alerted a senior manager that the Victorian Police Fraud and Extortion Unit was seeking information about Joanne Harrison as a ‘person of interest.’ 

“A former member of the Ministry’s legal team who was investigating Harrison had her performance pay docked by her. 

“Other cases emerged today of people being demoted while on sick leave. Another staff member had a promotion stopped after it had been recommended and their study leave was declined. 

“I believe this investigation was long overdue and shows the widespread impact fraudsters can have inside the Public Service and, therefore, the importance of this investigation,” says Sue Moroney.