Release: 130,000 cattle saved from live export

Labour is calling for the Government to urgently rethink its coalition commitment to restart live animal exports, Labour animal welfare spokesperson Rachel Boyack said.


“In government Labour was proud to introduce a ban on live cattle export by sea, which took effect one year ago today and has seen an estimated 130,000 cattle saved from the practice,” says Rachel Boyack.

“New Zealanders are rightly appalled at the reports and images of cattle crammed into tight spaces on ships, standing up to their knees in their own muck, and suffering from dreadful diseases such as salmonellosis, conjunctivitis, pneumonia and leptospirosis.

“The Animal Welfare Amendment Act future-proofed our economic security amid increasing consumer scrutiny on production practices and protected New Zealand’s reputation for world-leading animal welfare standards.

“It is extremely disappointing that the Coalition Government plan to reintroduce the practice of live cattle export by sea. The majority of New Zealanders do not support the practice.

“The Government has also stated that live exports will be undertaken on custom built ships. But they are avoiding all questions about who will build these ships and how much they could potentially cost the taxpayer.

“Other countries like the UK are following our lead and introducing a ban, so it is bizarre that the Government is looking to take us backwards, and reduce New Zealand’s animal welfare standards,” says Rachel Boyack.

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