Income boost for more than 1.4 million Kiwis

From today, the majority of New Zealand families, as well as many other households, will have more money in their pockets, thanks to a cost-of-living package designed to ease the pressure on low and middle income Kiwis.

This extra support will assist with rising costs sparked by global inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

There’s no silver bullet for issues like the cost of living, but the changes kicking in from 1 April – along with the recent 25 cents a litre reduction in fuel excise and the upcoming Winter Energy Payment – will make a real difference for families, caregivers, seniors, beneficiaries, students, commuters, and minimum wage earners across the motu.

The 1 April changes will see:

Nearly 60% of Kiwi families better off by an average of $20 a week.
855,000 superannuitants receiving an extra $52 per fortnight for a single person or $80 for a couple.
More than 100,000 individuals and families with children better off by on average $60 a week.
More than 100,000 students better supported, with boosts to Student Allowance and Student Loan Living Costs.
Full-time minimum wage workers earning an extra $48 a week, and almost $2,500 more each year.
Half-price bus, train, and ferry fares cutting transport costs for people across New Zealand.

See more on our 1 April package here

We’re committed to responding to the financial challenges Kiwis are facing. The extra support we’re providing to those who need it most builds on the work we’ve done since we came into office to lift incomes and reduce pressures on families. Those initiatives include delivering 45 million free lunches in schools, making GP visits free for children aged 13 and younger, removing donations at more than 90% of schools, and increasing paid parental leave.

Just as we supported New Zealanders through COVID-19, we’ll continue to support them through our economic response, as we secure a recovery that leaves no one behind.

You can see more about our 1 April package here. Find out more about how we're supporting families and other Kiwis by checking out our policies.