Release: 4,500 jobs lost – and counting

More than 4,500 jobs are set to go as the National Government continues its deep cuts to services to pay for irresponsible and ill-timed tax cuts.  

“Today, we’ve learned another 512 jobs at the Ministry for Primary Industries and Waka Kotahi are set to go, leaving more New Zealanders’ without a job as unemployment rises,” Labour public service spokesperson Ayesha Verrall said.

“Cutting thousands of jobs while spending billions of dollars on a tax break for landlords, charter schools and more prison beds is short-sighted. Local economies and communities across the country will miss out on the services they’re used to.

“Today’s cuts only result in a greater biosecurity risk and potential damage to our farms, food, and forests. Cutting jobs at Waka Kotahi focused on reducing transport emissions is counterproductive and takes us backwards in addressing climate change.

“The Government previously claimed Ministers would go ‘line by line’ through accounts, and that Kiwis could be reassured their tax cuts wouldn’t come at the price of reduced services.

“Six months on – we’re seeing the promise we wouldn’t lose services was a lie.

“Among this latest cohort of jobs lost are families with kids to feed and experts with nowhere to turn but abroad. This is the human cost of National’s tax promise.

“Day by day we see cuts going deeper and further. A weakened public service is not good for anyone and New Zealanders will be worse off for it,” Ayesha Verrall said.

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