New Zealand Labour Party

Best moments: Labour Campaign Launch 2020

It's campaign time! The official countdown to Election Day is underway, with Labour supporters crowding into Auckland's Town Hall for our 2020 Campaign Launch. We recap some of the highlights below...

A crowd of red

Labour MPs and candidates were joined by over a thousand supporters on Saturday, all excited to be a part of the 2020 campaign and hear from Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern. Just a few months ago, an event like this would not have been possible, and it's all thanks to the hard work of our team of five million that so many of us were able to gather together to kick off our campaign.

A hilarious introduction from Clarke Gayford

Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern was introduced by Clarke Gayford, who joked about trying to win an argument against your partner when they’ve just been voted the most eloquent leader in the world, and about how he gets "a bit growly" when Cabinet papers are still being read in bed at midnight: "I can tell you, it's worse than toast crumbs."

A fantastic speech from Jacinda Ardern - including a major announcement!

Jacinda Ardern started her speech with a summary of key achievements in Labour's first term, such as extending paid parental leave and investing in mental health. She also touched on a number of defining moments of the past three years, and she spoke of our response to COVID-19, and how our plan to recover and rebuild is already underway, creating jobs, boosting businesses and investing in our people.

Finally, she announced a new policy that will assist businesses in employing up to 40,000 New Zealanders whose employment is impacted by COVID-19. We are revamping and expanding our existing Flexi-Wage scheme - a wage subsidy to help employers hire those on a benefit who are at risk of long-term unemployment. It will support those New Zealanders most affected by the economic hit of the virus and back businesses to create jobs. Read Jacinda's full speech here.

An amazing performance from Tami Neilson

Tami Neilson got the crowd grooving with a performance of "Holy Moses" and her hit single "Big Boss Mama". Check it out in the livestream here (skip to 11:33 to watch!)

A fierce performance from Hātea Kapa Haka 

Hātea Kapa Haka had the crowd on their feet with a stirring rendition of the National Anthem in te reo. Watch the full performance in the livestream here (it starts 20 minutes in!)

Some jokes and a list of Labour's achievements from Oscar Kightley

MC Oscar Kightley attempted his own two minute challenge and ran through some of Labour's greatest achievements this term. He didn't manage to make it through quite as many achievements as Jacinda Ardern - you can check out his attempt 24 minutes into the stream.

A karanga and spoken word poem

Kaikaranga Tui Matira Ranapari-Ransfield opened the event, before leading into a piece by sound artist Kingsley Spargo and distinguished poet Courtney Sina Meredith. 

Watch the full livestream of the event here, and keep up-to-date with all the latest Labour news and announcements over on our Facebook page and by signing up to our mailing list.