What to expect in Budget 2022

Budget 2022 has now been released! To see more about what's in the Budget, click here.

Tomorrow, the Government will release this year’s Budget, setting out the next steps in our plan to build a high wage, low carbon economy that gives economic security in good times and in bad. While the full details will be kept under wraps until Thursday afternoon, we’ve announced a few Budget policies ahead of time – providing a sneak preview of what you can expect on Budget Day.

In case you missed the news, you can read about a few of the initiatives we’ve already announced. 

Boosting trades training and speeding up our economic growth

Our economy is one of the strongest in the world, with record low unemployment of 3.2%, and that’s in large part because of the investments we’ve made in training and supporting Kiwis into work.

To support even more New Zealanders into jobs and training, we’re extending our successful Apprenticeship Boost programme to support 38,000 Kiwi apprentices. Mana in Mahi is also receiving a boost to support another 1,600 young people into work and training, and there’s extra funding for Māori Trades Training.

The Budget will also see help around 64,000 New Zealanders get access to driver licensing testing and training, reducing barriers to work. This will make a big difference for people on low incomes and those in rural communities. We know when we invest in New Zealanders, they have greater opportunities to prosper, provide for their families, and contribute to our nation’s success.

Accelerating climate action and securing a low carbon future

The Government has announced the next steps in our plan to tackle climate change, with new investments from the Climate Emergency Response Fund.

Alongside our recently release Emissions Reduction Plan, the Climate Emergency Response Fund will help New Zealand to lower emissions by supporting smart, long-term solutions to the climate challenge.

Through the fund, we’re making clean cars cheaper for low income families, which will not only lower emissions but help with the cost of living. We’re supporting even more businesses to switch to greener energy and more efficient tech, by expanding the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI) Fund. We’re also establishing a Centre for Climate Action on Agricultural Emissions, to develop new tools and innovative technology to support farmers, and more.

We can’t opt out of the effects of climate change, so we can’t opt out of taking action. This year’s Budget will accelerate our emissions reduction so together, we can protect our communities and secure a better future for everyone.

Over the last four years, we’ve laid the foundations for bold, enduring climate action that will reach across governments and generations, you can learn more about that here.

Strengthening specialist mental health services

We’re improving support for Kiwis with more serious and acute conditions, as part of our work to build a new mental health and addiction system.

This investment, part of Budget 2022, will strengthen specialist services in New Zealand, and make it easier for the people with the highest needs to get care and treatment.

This is the next step in our plan towards a new mental health system, and builds on new services that are already making a real difference for thousands of Kiwis experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns.

Through free mental health and addiction support at local doctors, schools, universities and online, we’ve delivered 380,000 primary mental wellbeing sessions so far. We’ve also added 900 fulltime equivalent health workers to support mental wellbeing in the community, and make it easier to get help earlier and closer to home.

Keeping communities safe and breaking the cycle of offending

Budget 2022 is delivering a major package of law and order measures to further increase police numbers, address violence and extended successful rehabilitation programmes to break the cycle of offending.

Since taking office, we’ve already delivered the largest ever Police workforce and we’re on track to reach our goal of an additional 1800 police ahead of schedule. Budget 2022 sets aside extra funding to grow our Police force to match New Zealand’s population growth, ensuring there is at least one Police officer for every 480 people.

We’re also taking another significant step forward in our modern approach to rehabilitation, with extra investment in programmes that break the cycle of offending, as well as more Corrections staff to help drive effective rehabilitation.

Alongside this, Budget 2022 will accelerate our work to eliminate family and sexual violence across Aotearoa. This includes a boost for community-led integrated responses, as well as funding to prevent violence by strengthening existing initiatives in Māori and Pacific communities.

Protecting our primary sector and Kiwi exports

We’re strengthening New Zealand’s biosecurity system as part of Budget 2022 to help protect our vital primary sector and native flora and fauna.

New Zealand’s primary sector revenue has continued to grow with a record $50.8 billion forecast for the year ending June 2022. To protect farmers’ and growers’ hard work, and the productivity of Aotearoa’s most important export sector, Budget 2022 is investing $42.9 million to ensure our biosecurity system remains world-class. We’ve also allocated $68 million to chase down the last remnants of Mycoplasma bovis.

These are just a few of the ways we’re building a secure future for New Zealand through Budget 2022. Be sure to stay tuned for all the details on this year’s Budget later this week. In the meantime, you can learn more about everything we’ve done since coming into Government here.

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