Building Auckland’s transport future

We’re making sure Auckland has the infrastructure it needs for the future, so Aucklanders can get around safely and efficiently as our biggest city grows. The new, linked-up transport system we’re building will include partially tunnelled light rail between the CBD and the airport, as well as another Waitematā Harbour crossing.

These new links will significantly cut travel times and reduce congestion, making it easier for Aucklanders to get to work or study, to visit friends, and to make the most of all Tāmaki Makaurau has to offer. As more people choose to live and do business in the city, it’s more important than ever that we take steps to ensure its infrastructure keeps in step with that growth.

Previous Governments have made the mistake of kicking the can down the road, then scrambling to build infrastructure when it’s too late. Auckland’s population is on track to grow to two million early in the next decade. To move that many people safely around the city will require well connected, linked-up infrastructure – so, we’re planning for the future now.

These projects aren’t just about cutting travel times for Aucklanders, though. Our largest city plays a key role in our national economy, and these new links are projected to support the creation of tens of thousands of new jobs and houses, strengthening our recovery from COVID-19. The projects could add up to 97,000 extra jobs, as well as unlocking the development of up to 66,000 new homes.

We know that major projects like this bring major benefits – but their construction can also cause disruption to businesses. That’s part of the reason why we’ve chosen to make the new light rail link partially underground, with a tunnel running from the Wynyard Quarter to Mount Roskill, and why we’ll be standing up a package dedicated to supporting businesses that are significantly affected during the build.

Once complete, the light rail link will be a 24km route from central Auckland to Māngere and the airport. With trains running every five minutes, commuters will be able to just turn up and go. The detailed and design phase of this game-changing project will be kicking off early this year – and Aucklanders will be able to have their say about the location of the up to 18 stops along the route.

This light rail link and the new Waitematā crossing join a suite of work already underway to improve Auckland’s transport network and ensure the city can keep moving into the future. Shovels are already in the ground on projects including State Highway 1 upgrades in South Auckland, major bus network improvements, and cycleways across the city.

By future-proofing our largest city, we’re making sure it stays a great place to live and supercharging our COVID recovery.

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