Our next steps on climate change

We’re proud of our record on climate change. Since coming to Government we’ve put climate and the environment at the heart of all of our policies, as they are inextricable from issues like housing, agriculture, waste, energy and transport. 

In our first term, Labour took significant steps to address climate change. We passed the historic Zero Carbon Act, putting in place the foundations to reach our 2050 climate obligations. And we created He Waka Eke Noa - our world-leading agreement with farmers to reduce agricultural emissions. We also established the Climate Commission and the Green Investment Fund. These are the most concrete actions taken by any Government on climate to date. But, there’s still more to do. 

That’s why if re-elected, Labour is committing to taking the next practical steps towards combating climate change. This includes:

  • reducing fossil fuel consumption by phasing out coal-fired boilers and replacing them with electric alternatives
  • decarbonising the public transport bus fleet by 2035, and requiring only zero emissions buses be purchased by 2025
  • supporting farmers in the work they’re already doing to address climate change, by increasing funding for agricultural climate change research programmes.

These commitments join the other policies we’ve already announced, including:

  • transitioning to clean energy through 100% renewable energy by 2030
  • increasing investment in public transport and  incentivising low emission vehicles
  • supporting farmers to reduce emissions through integrated farm planning
  • tackling waste emissions through action on food waste.

We know that tackling climate change is not just an opportunity to help save the planet, it’s also an opportunity to create jobs and help our economic recovery. We’re making the most of the opportunity, creating new industries and encouraging growth in our traditional industries. Our investments will help deliver massive benefits to local businesses and accelerate the economic recovery while helping tackle climate change.

Labour’s climate change policy builds on the strong foundation of the work we’ve already done in our first term. It’s more important than ever to keep rolling out our comprehensive plan to tackle climate change and look out for the best interests of New Zealanders, our Pacific neighbours, and our planet.

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