A vote for National is a vote for putting on the brakes

Thinking about voting National in this year’s election? Here are five reasons you might like to reconsider ahead of 17 October.

A vote for National is a vote for…
…harsh cuts to vital services like health and education

To afford their policies, National would have to make massive cuts to our vital services, like health, education, Police, and disability services – all in the middle of a global pandemic. Their plan is not only unaffordable, but would severely damage the lives of New Zealanders.

What’s more, on current polling, if National is to have any hope of forming a Government, ACT will have to play a big role. That means National would be forced to implement ACT’s radical austerity plan, which puts much-needed programmes like KiwiSaver, Superannuation, the Winter Energy Payment and Working for Families at risk.

New Zealanders need calm and certainty right now, not massive economic disruption that uses COVID-19 as an excuse to make cuts. Read more about Labour’s plan to grow New Zealand’s economy without cutting our vital services here.

…an empty COVID-19 fund

The National Party is planning to gut the money we set aside to protect New Zealanders in case of another major outbreak of COVID-19, to pay for a temporary tax cut for Judith Collins.

We carefully put aside $14 billion to look after New Zealanders’ health and wellbeing, and now National wants to put that at risk. This is desperate and irresponsible.

What New Zealanders need now is Labour’s clear and consistent plan to get the economy through this 1-in-100 year shock and invest in our rebuild.

…a $4 billion shortfall

A basic error has left a $4 billion gap in National’s economic plan, which means they now have to find more ‘savings’ to pay for their policies. No one who knows how to run a Budget would have made a basic mistake like this.

If National can’t even do the basics required on their own policy costings, they cannot be trusted to run the country. Making mistakes like this has real world consequences that New Zealand does not need during this challenging time.

This is a time for stability and certainty, not policy made up on the fly that does not add up. You can read more about Labour’s balanced plan to recover and rebuild the economy here.

…shambolic leadership

National has been anything but a strong team this year. There’s been a string of leaders, a constantly-rotating front bench, growing factions, and sliding poll numbers. Despite what Judith Collins may say, the chaos hasn’t stopped, with National’s health spokesperson the latest to air his leadership ambitions.

In contrast to National’s shambles, Labour has offered proven leadership and a clear plan to guide New Zealand through these uncertain times. You can read more about our balanced economic approach that will keep a lid on debt while protecting investment in health, education and jobs here.

…putting on the brakes

Thanks to our careful economic management before COVID-19, and our strong health response since the virus arrived in New Zealand, we’ve been able to get our economy going faster than many other countries.

We’re taking advantage of this headstart by rolling out our plan to create jobs, support businesses and continue to grow our economy, without cutting vital services like health and education. Our plan is already in motion, and we can’t afford to slow down now.

A vote for National is a vote to put on the brakes and start again from scratch. What New Zealand needs now is the certainty and stability that Labour is providing. You can read more about our five point plan here.