Labour's 2020 Election Manifesto

The Labour Party understands how important continuity, stability and clarity are for New Zealanders in these uncertain times.

That’s why, in our 2020 Election Manifesto, we’re setting out how we will continue to invest in people, jobs, small businesses, infrastructure, and global trade, to set New Zealand up for the best COVID recovery possible.

Our rebuild plan is already underway, but we know we have much more to do. Our Manifesto brings together and builds upon the policy commitments we’ve made during the campaign, and our long-term policy commitments endorsed by the Labour Council.

COVID-19 has made clear just how interconnected health, economic, and social issues are in our society. The health of our people impacts, and is impacted by, the health of our economy, and vice versa. Our Manifesto demonstrates that, to make the biggest difference, our policies need to be interconnected too.

Our Manifesto also reflects how important it is to think long-term and plan for the future. We’re creating much-needed jobs now, while also future-proofing our health and economy. It’s important to make the right decisions now, including carefully managing our Government books and keeping a lid on debt, to set ourselves up for the opportunity to build back better into the future.

Ultimately, the COVID recovery is at the heart of our Election Manifesto, just as it has been at the heart of all decision-making since the virus reached our shores. Our top priority remains the health and economic stability of New Zealand, and this Manifesto once again highlights our relentless focus on recovery.

Read our full Election Manifesto here.