National’s false ‘wealth tax’ claims: The “last roll of the misinformation dice”

“Collins has warned voters to expect a wealth tax. This is despite the fact Labour has ruled this out a number of times.” – Jason Walls, NZ Herald.

“The Labour Party has ruled out implementing the Green Party's wealth tax.” – Henry Cooke, Stuff.

“Labour has time and time again ruled out implementing [a wealth tax].” – Jenna Lynch, Newshub.

We’ve been clear on our position when it comes to our tax policy, with the media widely picking that up and reporting that Jacinda has ruled out implementing a so-called ‘wealth tax’, yet Judith Collins’ continues to repeat the false claim.

With less than a week until Election Day, the National Party’s claims have been described by Jacinda Ardern as “the final roll of the misinformation dice”. Jacinda has repeatedly ruled out that any such policy would be adopted.

Labour’s tax policy is clear. No new taxes will be introduced, other than a new top tax rate for the top 2% of New Zealand’s earners – those with income over $180,000. There are no changes for 98% of New Zealanders.

So to be clear: Labour will not be introducing or negotiating a so-called ‘wealth tax’. Any suggestion that Labour would pick up other parties’ tax plans is wrong. We have already released our tax policy, and you can read it in full here.

We’re focused on the things that matter. New Zealanders need strong, united, stable leadership to continue rolling out our rebuild plan. It’s a plan that puts people first, creates jobs, backs businesses, and protects vital services like health and education. Most importantly, it’s a plan that adds up. You can read more about that plan here.

Skip the misinformation and get the facts of our tax policy right here. You can also use our tax checker to find out if your income tax will be affected (hint: if you’re one of 98% of New Zealanders earning under $180,000, you won’t see any change!)