Release: Coalition of Cuts and Chaos would be NZ’s most unstable government

Statements from David Seymour and Winston Peters have called into question whether National would be able to lead a functional government if they were in a position to do so after the election.

“The coalition of cuts and chaos is tipping into absurdity with David Seymour saying he wants an arrangement where ACT would give National support for confidence but not supply,” Grant Robertson said.

“This appears to mean that they would not guarantee to support Budgets or other financial motions such as Imprest Supply Bills.

“That kind of Government has never happened before under MMP and would be incredibly unstable.
“This would effectively see the government grind to a halt.

“Parliament agreeing to funding is essential for public services to be provided. It could see New Zealand look like the United States where the government risks being shut down when Budget measures can not be agreed.

“ I am not sure Mr Seymour actually understands how these votes work, but “supply” is actually intrinsic to confidence. Apart from specifically called confidence votes, it is the passing of the Budget that shows whether a government maintains the confidence of Parliament.

“Given Mr Seymour has already indicated he could not work with Winston Peters in Cabinet, and Winston Peters has said he would sit on the cross benches if does not get what he wants, Christopher Luxon would be trying to form the most unstable government in New Zealand’s history.

“This is where Christopher Luxon’s inexperience will be exposed. With two chaos merchants like Seymour and Peters required to make a government possible, they will run rings around him.

“It is the New Zealand public who would be the loser if this happened as they could not rely on the government to do basic things like pay for nurses, teachers or Police.

“In order to strike a coalition deal with ACT, it appears National would have to agree to larger cuts to services as proposed by ACT.

“In contrast to the coalition of cuts and chaos Labour will be the core of a stable government.

“We have experience at leading coalitions, and we will provide the stability and continuity that is needed right now as we navigate a challenging time for many households and businesses facing the cost of living pressures,” Grant Robertson said.

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