Release: Show us your costings

Revelations on Newshub tonight that National only got an expert to review their tax plan two days after it was released adds further fuel to the call for Christopher Luxon and Nicola Willis to release all costings and advice they have received on it, Labour Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson said.

“It’s now public that National failed to get advice on whether their discredited tax plan breached our international tax treaties. They only did so two days after it was released,” Grant Robertson said.

“That’s a huge mistake and it appears they only sought advice in a panic after several experts made it clear their dodgy plan was likely a breach of our international agreements.

“This is despite Nicola Willis saying on Thursday morning – apparently before they had engaged with the expert - that “National had sought independent legal advice to check that we can do this while complying with out Free Trade Agreements and Tax Agreements.”

“National is relying on bringing in nearly $3 billion dollars from foreign buyers to fund their tax cuts, but nearly every expert says those numbers simply aren’t possible.

“If Christopher Luxon is so rock solid in his belief his numbers and advice are correct then he should have no opposition to releasing them.

“Every day another aspect of National’s tax plan falls apart. Voters deserve to be able to examine this house of cards before they vote on it.

“National just needs to get permission from SkyCity to release the work they did for them on the gambling part of their policy so it can be examined. Given it relies on an increase in gambling it’s in the public interest to know.

“If National’s revenue streams don’t add up their tax cuts are unaffordable. They will have to scrap them or make even deeper cuts to public services like health and education,” Grant Robertson said.

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