Release: Supercharging public housing

Labour is supercharging its plan to solve the public housing shortfall created by National, promising another 6,000 homes on top of what has already been committed says Labour Housing spokesperson Dr Megan Woods.

“Labour is the only major party with a deliverable plan that will help ensure every New Zealander has access to a warm, dry and affordable home,” Megan Woods said.

“In just six years we’ve delivered over 13,000 public homes, the most of any Government since the 1950s. We’ve also added over 4,000 transitional homes. We are on track to deliver 21,000 public and transitional homes by 2025 and there is more to come. If re-elected, we’ll deliver another 6,000 public homes by 2027.

“Labour wants to eliminate the public housing wait list. Delivering over 27,000 new public and transitional homes by 2027 is a significant step forward to achieving exactly that.

“Our government is proudly responsible for having delivered one in six public homes within New Zealand’s entire public housing stock – and we’ll keep going, building significantly more supply into our housing market.

“This is a stark contrast to National which left government with 1,500 fewer public homes than it started with, sucked out hundreds of millions in dividends and has reluctantly said it would complete the number of homes we’ve already funded. If National built public homes at the rate we are, there would practically be no public housing waiting list.

”National want to turn off the public housing tap yet again, with no further commitment for public housing beyond 2025. It’s yet another example of how National cuts investment in public assets like housing, hospitals and schools.

And worse, National will wind New Zealand backwards with their tried and failed housing settings which only made the housing crisis worse.

“After rebuilding a decimated public housing sector, and working closely with Community Housing Providers, Labour is delivering more public homes per year since the Nash Government of the 1950s.

“We will keep investing in this critical safety net, so more New Zealanders who need these warm, dry homes can get them.

“We will also expand the commitment we have already made for 15% of newly built public homes to be accessible with universal design, to 25% of all new public homes,” Megan Woods said.


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