Statement from Labour climate change spokesperson Megan Woods

“Today’s climate announcement by Simon Watts makes clear the National Government is simply paying lip service to meeting its climate change targets,” Megan Woods said.

“If Simon Watts believes his plan is as he has described - comprehensive or ambitious - then New Zealand is in real trouble. This three-page document is flimsy and backward-looking. I can’t help but wonder if the government is scrambling to get ahead of the climate commission’s report card on emission reductions that is due in the coming days.

“Instead, we have seen $3 billion cut from climate initiatives in Budget 2024, including cuts to the work of the Climate Change Commission and stripping down Warmer Kiwi Homes which led to lower energy bills for Kiwis and made homes more efficient.

“More than seven months into the Government’s term, there is still no concrete plan to reduce our emissions, meet our climate targets, or ensure we have a resilient future. This lack of action will risk kiwi jobs and New Zealand’s international reputation,” Megan Woods said.

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