New Zealand Labour Party

No end in sight for EQC customers with dodgy repairs

The Government has no idea when it will be finished fixing up dodgy EQC repairs, says Labour’s acting EQC spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Gerry Brownlee admitted there today is no deadline for the work to fix EQC foundation repairs.

“The Minister claimed that an ‘artificial deadline’ wouldn’t help. Just because he’s missed his other recovery deadlines isn’t an excuse for inaction on this one.

“People in Canterbury have had to wait years for EQC to do their repairs, and now face even more delays in getting their homes fixed.

“This is ridiculous. The Minister needs to quit mucking about. People have waited long enough.

“The Government should immediately launch a Royal Commission of Inquiry to get to the bottom of how so many repairs were done badly, how widespread the problem is and what we can do to urgently fix them,” says Megan Woods.