New Zealand Labour Party

Note to National: Must deliver on child poverty

John Key and his Government will be held to its promise to make child poverty a priority, Labour’s Acting Deputy Leader Annette King says. “In its priority-setting speech today the Government stated child poverty would be a major focus for it this term.
“It’s not the first time that’s been said, yet in six years we have seen little in the way of any concrete proposals to address the issue. “Instead of policies to lift wages and better the lives of children in poverty, the Government plans to sell state housing and take money off the working poor with older children. “Political spin doesn’t fill hungry bellies, help our kids grow and learn or ensure they are warm and healthy. “Finding real solutions to child poverty means taking responsibility. It means committing to a firm target and a firm measure; it means making reducing child poverty a public service target. “That’s what a Government that cares about our kids will do. I challenge the Prime Minister to walk his talk,” Annette King said.