New Zealand Labour Party

Now is the time

At the age of 20, I became a father.

I was in my final year at university and I was working part-time at a cinema, while my partner was working full-time in a hospitality job. We were both earning just over the minimum wage and living in a damp and mouldy private rental house in the Hutt Valley.

Our daughter was constantly sick as a toddler. We asked our landlord to insulate our house numerous times, but he refused.

It was during this time we realised it's simply not right for our kids to be growing up in damp, mouldy homes and this needed to change.

That’s why I started volunteering for Labour. I knew we had to change the Government if we wanted to make our lives – and the lives of Kiwis like us – better.

Now I’m a campaign organiser for Labour and we’re building a massive grassroots volunteer movement to speak to as many people as possible over the phone and on the doorstep. It’s the kind of community-led organising that has led to big election wins overseas.

By talking to as many Kiwis as possible, sharing our stories and talking about important issues in our communities, we can persuade voters to elect a Labour-led Government that will show vital leadership on housing, health and education. But we can't do it without your support.

Now's the time to get involved. Will you join us and volunteer now to change the Government? Click here.