New Zealand Labour Party

NZ’s sovereignty at risk under TPPA

Labour Maori are committed to protecting New Zealand’s sovereignty which is at risk under TPPA, says Labour’s Maori development spokesperson Nanaia Mahuta.


“The newly released document represents an attack on our ability to legislate in the best interest of New Zealanders.”


“The TPPA Document is in excess of 6,000 pages and needs more time for public scrutiny.


“The Government should assist the public with a transparent explanation of the benefits of the agreement as well as a detailed analysis of the National Interest Test.

“The Maori Affairs Select Committee has agreed to seek a briefing from MFAT on the provisions relating to the Treaty clause.


 “Labour Maori fully support the Waitangi Tribunal’s urgent hearing in January into the TPPA agreement as the tribunal has determined that there is potential prejudice to Maori. “


“The Government should also clarify the timeframe that it is obliged to respond and ratify the text so that a thorough examination can take place in Parliament while the House is sitting for the remainder of the year.”


“Labour has always stood for New Zealand’s democracy and independence – any agreement that takes away Government’s right to do what’s best for New Zealanders cannot be tolerated.”


“Public opposition to the TPP has been widespread, the Government cannot simply ignore concerns and now have a real opportunity to front up in public forums and debate the issues – anything less erodes public confidence in what is left of our fading democracy,” says Nanaia Mahuta.