Egg-straordinary work NZ on the the big #NZEggHunt

When Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern launched the #NZEggHunt, who could have expected such an eggcellent response, with Kiwis across the country hopping straight into action...

The Prime Minister's ask to New Zealanders was simple: design or colour in your own Easter egg and pop it in the window for the kids in your neighbourhood.

These eggs would contribute to a nationwide hunt done from the safety of your bubble, and would make sure every child got the chance to hunt for egg this Easter (because even though the Easter Bunny is an essential worker, he also needed to spend extra time at home looking after his own bunny family).

No one could have predicted the response the #NZEggHunt was going get.

Since the launch of The Big New Zealand Easter Egg Hunt, the Prime Minister has received thousands of entries via email, while on Instagram, the hashtag #NZEggHunt received at least 4,500 posts, and over 360,000 likes, comments, and shares of people's entries.

For many parents and kids, the Easter Egg Hunt was a welcome activity while in lockdown. We really enjoyed seeing the thousands of happy faces, both young and old, with their Easter egg creations over the weekend - and we hope you did too!

NZ Egg Hunt – Kids

Thank you to everyone who participated for making this Easter that eggstra bit special.

Some of the most heartwarming entries came from our essential workers - those who are on the frontlines keeping our country operating while we are at Alert Level 4. The Prime Minister received photos of nurses, teachers, airline staff and more, all posing with their Easter egg creations!

NZ Egg Hunt – Essential Workers

And it wasn't just Kiwis getting into the Easter spirit - there were entries from all over the world, including Australia, France, Spain, Canada and the UK!

NZ Egg Hunt goes International

It truly was incredible to see the response from New Zealanders and the world to #NZEggHunt. It serves as a great reminder that while we may be physically distancing, we are still all connected through kindness and aroha.