New Zealand Labour Party

NZTA blows a year of roading funding on flyover

On the day that NZTA has finally given up on the Basin Reserve flyover it has been revealed that they have wasted the same amount of money on it as NZTA spends on local roads in the Wellington region in a year, Grant Robertson MP for Wellington Central said.

“NZTA has spent $12.3 million on the flyover, including more than a $1 million since the proposal was rejected by a Board of Inquiry last year.

“I am delighted that NZTA has finally seen sense and have ditched the Flyover. But the amount of money wasted on pursuing this ill-conceived project is eye-watering. 

“According to an answer to a written parliamentary question, $12.3 million has been spent since 2012. That is the same amount of money that NZTA spends on local roads in the Wellington region in a year. It has been a colossal waste of money and time.

“NZTA had already spent $10.9 million when the flyover was rejected by the EPA Board of Enquiry. They have managed to spend more than a million dollars since then as the case was appealed to the High Court.

“This court case was the very definition of flogging a dead horse and should never have been undertaken.

“The end of the road for the flyover needs to signal the beginning of a new process for developing a sustainable transport solution.

“I welcome NZTA's commitment to work with the Regional and City Councils and the local community to find a new way forward. There is a solution to traffic congestion that is part of a sustainable transport plan for Wellington. If our community comes together we will find it,” Grant Robertson said.