New Zealand Labour Party

O’Connor lodges medicinal cannabis approval bill

Damien O’Connor has lodged a Member’s Bill to make it easier for patients like the late Alex Renton to access medicinal cannabis products.

“I supported Alex Renton’s family in their quest to get approval for medicinal cannabis in a hope it could improve his desperate situation.

“The current system is too bureaucratic and it is unclear where the final approval lies.

“My Bill makes the approval process simpler but has appropriate safeguards.

“The key change is the Minister must not prevent the supply and administration of processed cannabis products to a person considered by a registered medical practitioner to be either in the final stages of a terminal illness, or have a permanent condition that causes significant pain or impairment.

“This is a Member’s Bill I hope will progress the issue and, if drawn, will enable Parliament to properly consider the value of access to medicinal cannabis. Change is supported by the majority of New Zealanders,” says Damien O’Connor.