New Zealand Labour Party

Obama acts – Key sits on his hands

President Obama’s plan to tackle climate change proves that leading nations are mustering the courage to do what is necessary, says Labour’s Climate Change spokesperson Megan Woods. 

“His plan to cut emissions from United States power stations by a third in the next 15 years is nothing short of brave.

“New Zealand is equally as capable of tackling sectors where we could, and should do better. It seems John Key would prefer to sit on his hands and wait for everyone else to fix this problem for us, instead of shouldering our fair share of the responsibility leading the charge alongside countries like the US. 

“President Obama has said that America now leads the way forward, and his administration isn’t holding back from targeting a sector that is responsible for a significant proportion of emissions. With the lead up to the talks in Paris, ambitious targets demonstrate that countries responsible for carbon dioxide emissions are serious. 

“He has said that we are the first generation to feel the impacts of climate change, and the last to do something about it. Labour believes we must have ambitious targets on lowering carbon dioxide emissions from energy use, including transport, backed up by an independent climate commission who is tasked with carbon budgeting.   

“Obama has said we are the first generation to feel the impacts of climate change and the last to do something about it. We should be reducing CO2 emissions through carbon budgeting, but instead we aren’t making the hard decisions that need to be made, “ says Megan Woods.