New Zealand Labour Party

OECD report card: National must try harder

The OECD report on education shows there’s much more to be done for young Kiwis, Labour’s education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says.

“New Zealanders can be proud of our public education system which is performing well despite the National Government’s continued threats which do nothing but undermine our young people.

“The report finds the number of 15 – 19 year olds not in employment, education or training is higher than the OECD average.

“That’s just not good enough. Our young people need to be inspired and in training that prepares them for a better future but National has written them off as “pretty damn hopeless’.

“The report also shows New Zealand tertiary institutions are getting just 52% of their funding from public sources, illustrating the growing reliance on student loans in New Zealand.

“We need to deal with this now to escape more young people struggling with generation debt which is why Labour has committed to three years free post-school education.

“The report also shows our Kiwi class sizes are above the OECD average, which is alarming in light of National’s plan to reintroduce bulk funding which will see even more kids in the classroom.

“Another shocker revealed in the report shows private schools in New Zealand enjoy class sizes at the OECD average, which also raises questions about why this Government will be increasing their funding under latest proposals.

“Overall our public education system is world-class but this report just isn’t good enough and National’s attempts to undermine it must be stopped,” Chris Hipkins says.