New Zealand Labour Party

Of roading rabbits, bad maths and pulling the wool

The Government should be apologising to Northland voters for some very dodgy mathematics, Labour’s Deputy Leader Annette King says.

“John Key, Steven Joyce and Simon Bridges have spent the last few days pulling rabbits out of all sorts of hats.

“First they said National had spent $750 million on the region’s roads, then they suggested this was 40 per cent more than what the previous Labour Government had contributed, and then we had some spin about funding for 10 ‘crucial’ bridges being covered in the 2012-2021 Northland Regional Land Transport Plan.

“Pity poor Mark Osborne. He now has to continue the farce.

“The truth is $240 million, or 30 per cent, of the funding the Prime Minister and his colleagues are claiming the Government provided came from Labour’s 2007/08 and 2008/09 Budgets, while just three bridges are mentioned in the plan, only one of which could even manage a medium priority rating.

“Several words, including chicanery and duplicity spring to mind. However, I am sure the voters of Northland are intelligent enough to know when someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes,” Annette King said.