New Zealand Labour Party

One in Six Kiwis can’t afford to see a GP

New research published today in the New Zealand Medical Journal reveals a staggering 25 per cent of adults are not able to get the primary health care they need, 16.5% of which missed out on a GP due to cost, says Labour's Health spokesperson David Clark.

“The study carried out by prominent senior doctors and researchers shows a worrying level of unmet need for a GP among adults. They also found that nine per cent of Kiwi adults have an unmet need for hospital care.

“These findings confirm the damage the Government has done to the health system by underfunding it $1.7 billion, allowing GP visits to become unaffordable for many adults.

“The average GP fee has increased from $29.11 to $40.71 in 2016 with some people paying up to $70 a visit. Kiwis are delaying the health care they need and for some this leads to a late diagnosis.

“For too long, this Government has sat on its hands, allowing the heath system to crumble. They need to stop distracting with artificial performance targets while ignoring the real problems.

“Labour will work to put the $1.7 billion back into our health system so people can access the care they need", says David Clark.