New Zealand Labour Party

Our plan for transport

We’re doing some major work on our transport all around the country.

Our new 10-year transport plan will include much-needed investment in roads, rail, and public transport, with a major emphasis on road safety.

We're tackling gridlock in our cities, raising productivity and making the daily commute a whole lot less painful.

And we're making our roads safer, to make sure we can save more lives.

Ultimately, we are building a transport system to work for us now, and to keep working for us into the future.

We’re making our roads safer for every Kiwi

Too many people are dying on our roads every year. This has to stop. We’re committed to saving more lives on our roads, by doubling how much is going into road safety, and increasing road police by 14%.

We’re also investing in much-needed upgrades and maintenance for our roads and expressways to make sure drivers throughout New Zealand are travelling on safe, modern roads.

We’re getting cities moving

Being stuck in traffic for hours is more than just frustrating for our commuters – it also means a massive loss of productivity in the workplace (Auckland alone loses $1.3 billion a year in productivity to congestion), and it's bad for the environment. By tackling this problem head-on, we can unleash the true potential of our cities.

We’re reducing congestion in our cities with a number of major road projects and upgrades.

We’re also tackling gridlock by making it easier and safer to walk, cycle, or use public transport – giving commuters throughout New Zealand the option to leave the car at home.

And we're investing in other projects such as the City Rail Link.

As well as all this, we're completing any current ongoing expressway projects, and allowing up to $9.5 billion for future state highway upgrades.

We’re boosting roads and rail in the regions

We’re unlocking the full potential of our regions with a record investment in regional transport.

We’re doubling how much is invested in roads in the regions, with regional road and local upgrades making freight flow faster and more efficiently. We’re also including more funding for rail upgrades and maintenance.

After suffering major funding cuts under the previous Government, regional councils across the country have come out in support of our plan.


How are we funding our plan? Click here for answers to this and other questions about our transport strategy.