New Zealand Labour Party

Our Work, Our Future update

Last night, my Bill to ensure the government buys Kiwi-made was debated in Parliament.

It's a commonsense way to back Kiwi jobs and keep the money the government spends in New Zealand.

It would mean higher incomes for Kiwis, more tax for the government, and fewer people stuck on the dole.

The decision on this Bill rested with National — they alone determined whether it would get a majority or not.

John Key and his party voted against Kiwi workers. Apparently, they are happy to send work to foreign companies, even after the Novopay and Serco disasters.

It's disappointing, not surprising. National doesn't back Kiwi workers. Labour does.

After the election, this Bill will be one of my top priorities. We need a government that buys Kiwi-made and supports Kiwi jobs.