New Zealand Labour Party

Out of excuses, Brownlee resorts to scare tactics

Gerry Brownlee’s ridiculous suggestion that Labour would nationalise Christchurch’s east frame shows National has resorted to scare tactics to hide its failure to build desperately needed affordable houses in our city, Labour's Canterbury spokesperson Megan Woods says.

“Plans put in place by the Greater Christchurch Regeneration Minister have not yet delivered a single house or even the beginnings of site-works. The east frame should be well underway but instead they are waiting until there have been enough pre-sales to begin.

“All Gerry Brownlee has offered is the same tired old ideas around planning rules. All the plan changes in the world are not going to deliver a single house on their own. Unlike National, Labour will step up and provide the leadership to get homes built.

“Labour’s plan will build homes that Cantabrian families can actually afford. We will deliver east frame townhouses for $300,000-$500,000. Gerry Brownlee and National are completely out of touch if they think townhouses costing as much as $900,000 are within the reach of most Cantabrians. They have said they will not do anything to ensure that there are affordable options. We will.

“The Minister’s bogus suggestion that Labour will nationalise the east frame and stall the development is laughable. We recognize that Christchurch already has agencies and contracts in place under the Regeneration process. Our Affordable Housing Agency will work closely with these agencies and get the job done faster.

“A real commitment to Christchurch means doing more than waiting for houses to magically appear in our central city. Gerry Brownlee has shown the Government lacks that commitment. Unlike National, Labour will not sit on our hands,” Megan Woods says.