New Zealand Labour Party

Out of touch Nats continue state house sell-off

The Government should be focused on building houses for families to buy and more state houses for families in need, not flogging them off, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“National’s state house sell-off does nothing to help people in a time of record homelessness. Selling state houses does nothing to increase the supply of housing to families who need it – it’s just privatisation.

“Respected social agencies like the Salvation Army and Methodist Mission have ruled buying state houses. The Government has courted overseas companies and property investors to buy the houses.

“They couldn’t find a buyer in Invercargill or Horowhenua, yet, here they are trying to flog off Christchurch’s state houses.

“Doesn’t National have any better ideas? With Kiwi families living in garages and cars, the focus should be on housing more people, not selling the houses we have.

“Let it go, John. Drop this ideological crusade to sell off state houses and keep those homes for future families who need it. Get on with building thousands of new homes for Kiwis desperate to get a roof over their heads,” says Andrew Little.