New Zealand Labour Party

Over two decades later our kids deserve more

Labour firmly supports the call by UNICEF today to uphold the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, an agreement we signed 22 years ago, but are a long way from fulfilling, says Labour’s Children’s spokesperson Jacinda Ardern. 

“UNICEF has highlighted New Zealand’s failings with a powerful campaign titled ‘Make my Future Fair.’

“This campaign is a call to action, and one that politicians can and should be willing to answer. 

“Simple ideas like assessing all of the policies and laws we implement against the impact on children, developing a National Action Plan around child well-being, and introducing a Warrant of Fitness for all rental properties are just some of the initiatives UNICEF is advocating. These have already been turned into draft bills and could be implemented immediately – if there was the political will to do it. 

“Labour has long said that we would be keen to work with other political parties on these issues, and it’s an offer we make again. 

“As a country we can, and should be doing better – UNCROC and UNICEF have again reminded us how,“ says Jacinda Ardern.