New Zealand Labour Party

Overcharged drivers must be refunded

The ACC Minister must ensure owners of cars “inconsistently” classified under her flawed risk-rating model are refunded for being overcharged for their motor vehicle registration ACC levy, Labour’s ACC Spokesperson Sue Moroney says.

“The Minister could not explain in Parliament today why the 2011 Kia Sportage was more dangerous than the 2012 model and yet will not refund motorists for the difference in their registration costs.

“I have several other examples of illogical decisions about vehicle risk ratings that ACC is refusing to fix this year. The Corporation is telling people they will have to raise their concerns in the levy-setting consultation process and wait until next year to pay the correct registration fee.

“Vehicles like the 2003 BMW Z4 have been given the worst safety ratings because they have not been involved in enough crashes – it just defies logic.

“Kia Motors has spent four months trying to get a sensible decision out of this flawed system, but have given up trying and now pay the difference in the registration fee to owners instead.

“If a well-resource car dealership can’t get ACC to see sense – imagine how frustrating it is for the hundreds of individuals battling ACC and the Government on this issue?

“Nikki Kaye’s new system is such a shambles, she needs to scrap it and start again,” Sue Moroney says.