New Zealand Labour Party

Ozone hole gases on the rise

Two of the gases that deplete the ozone layer above New Zealand are on the rise, says Labour’s Environment spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Emissions of HCFCs, used as a coolant in old fridges and air conditioning units, has risen to 10.3 tonnes, the first increase  since 2007.

“Methyl Bromide  which is used in fumigating export logs has been trending upwards since 2009 and has risen again. The Government has been involved in long negotiations  with China to stop this fumigation process.

“This is depressing news especially for New Zealand which is the most affected by a hole in the ozone layer.

“The world banned aerosol CFCs 25 years ago with the landmark Montreal Protocol. This averted an epidemic of skin cancers and food shortages in  New Zealand.

“Now in spite of Montreal we are faced with a further increase in HCFCs when this gas was supposed to be largely phased out by the end of 2014.

“The Government must act to ensure we are eliminating the use of these ozone depleting gases before the ozone layer is damaged again,” says Megan Woods.