Parents hit in pocket by Government under-funding

Parents and families are left forking out more and more for their kids’ education as a direct result of Government under-funding, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. 

“The latest data shows that the cost to families of primary and secondary school education has been rising at almost 10 times the rate of inflation. 

“The huge jump in the cost of schooling clearly shows the pressure parents are under to make-up for government under-funding through school donations and fees for extras.

“When in opposition, Bill English constantly railed against school donations and the transfer of costs from government onto families. Since he became Finance Minister, he has only made things worse. 

“Schooling in New Zealand is supposed to be free. Yet year after year, parents face bigger and bigger bills. New requirements, such as the need for kids to bring laptops or tablets to school, only add to that pressure. 

“Of course parents have always been willing to fundraise for their local schools, but this has now gone well beyond sausage sizzles and cake stalls. The National government is blatantly out of touch with New Zealand families when they keep turning a blind eye to the extra pressure parents are under. 

“Labour has made a clear commitment to ensure that our schools are properly funded so that parents aren’t left picking up the tab,” Chris Hipkins said.