New Zealand Labour Party

Parliament must restore democracy for Ecan

Parliament has a chance to return full democracy to Canterbury with the drawing of a member’s bill that would replace the Government’s appointed commissioners with democratically elected councillors, says Labour’s Canterbury Spokesperson Megan Woods.

“In 2010, the Government stripped Cantabrians of their right to have a say over the future of their region when they sacked the democratically elected Ecan councillors.


“My bill, drawn from the ballot today, would return full democracy to Canterbury by triggering new elections for the full slate of positions on the council.

“Right now, there are 7 elected councillors but 6 government appointed commissioners. Half a democracy isn’t a democracy. We need full elections as soon as possible.

“There was never any justification for why Canterbury should be the only region that doesn’t get to elect its regional council. National is out of touch with local people’s desire to have a say in the people who will take their region forward.

“I urge all parties in Parliament to support this bill and restore democracy to Canterbury,” says Megan Woods.