New Zealand Labour Party

Pasifika caucus visit as Kiribati water crisis deepens

Water supplies are deteriorating in Kiribati as Labour’s  Pasifika climate change task force prepares to head there and Tuvalu, says Labour’s Pacific Climate Change Spokesperson Su’a William Sio. 

“There is a growing crisis on the atolls due to water supplies on Kiribati become increasingly contaminated by sea water as a result of sea level rise.

“Members of our Pacific caucus want to see at first-hand what is happening in Tuvalu and Kiribati. They are now regarded as some of the most vulnerable nations in the world to sea level rise.

 “It’s important to remember the catch cry from COP21: Save Tuvalu and you Save the Globe. The decision taken at Paris to press for an ‘aspirational target’ of 1.5 degrees was a great step forward in ensuring the survival of the Pacific nations but a lot more action is needed. 

“Labour also want to review the status of climate change refugees. We will explore the latest global thinking on the status of people displaced by climate change.

 “The National Government is a climate change cheat. It continues to buy carbon credits at the same time as CO2  emissions continue to climb. Globally we are ranked in the bottom five for climate change policy. 

“We no longer present a credible voice in the Pacific on climate change. I look forward to leading a team that will make key decisions on climate change for the future,” says Su’a William Sio,