Phil Goff

I grew up in Mt Roskill and South Auckland. Today my wife Mary and I live on a small farm near Ardmore in Manukau, where we run a few cattle and sheep. We have three children; our two sons are tradesmen and our daughter works for a government department.

My grandmother was widowed with three young children. She struggled to make ends meet and Labour was there for her. I joined Labour because it is the party that stands alongside people, gives them a hand up when it is needed and provides them with the opportunity to make a better life.

The New Zealand I stand for gave me a good start in life. I received an excellent education at my local school before leaving home at 16. I supported myself through school and university by working seven seasons at a freezing works – working was a part of my education.

I am proud to have been part of a Labour government that worked hard to grow the economy, cared about jobs for everyone, cared about affordable health care, cared about high quality education for our children and cared about our natural environment.

As a senior minister I gained valuable leadership experience. I learned that to get things right governments need to listen as well as lead. That is why each week I am getting out and visiting different areas of New Zealand to meet and listen to people and discuss issues that concern them.

In my time as Leader of the Labour Party I met with hundreds of terrific Kiwis working hard and making a contribution to our country. Labour is getting back to communities and connecting with people to help us develop policies that reflect the needs, hopes and aspirations of all New Zealanders.

Like you, I am concerned about the effects of the recession on jobs. With unemployment rising Labour is focused on keeping Kiwis in work.

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Phil Goff
MP for Mt Roskill

Contact details:

Parliamentary office
Phone: 04 817 6775

Electorate office
Address: 503A Mt Albert Rd, Three Kings, Auckland
Phone: 09 624 2278

MP for Mt Roskill
Spokesperson for Defence
Spokesperson on Trade
Spokesperson on Ethnic Affairs
Spokesperson for Veterans' Affairs
Associate Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs

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