Add your voice: Save part-time workers' sick leave

The National Government is looking to reduce part-time workers’ sick leave entitlements.

This move will disproportionately affect disabled people and women – including mothers – as they are more likely to be working part-time.

Last year when Christopher Luxon was asked if he’d reduce sick leave, he said “absolutely not”. So not only is this move from the Government yet another attack on workers’ rights, it's another campaign promise Christopher Luxon has broken.

Other ways National is harming Kiwi workers:

  • It scrapped Fair Pay Agreements
  • It cut the Pay Equity Taskforce
  • It cut funding to WorkSafe
  • It delayed pay transparency work
  • It brought back 90-day trials
  • Stopping the minimum wage top-up for disabled workers
  • Cutting thousands of public service jobs

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Labour had a review of the Holidays Act underway, to fix issues and make things simpler for business – without reducing workers’ entitlements.

What the National Government is doing is nothing less than an attack on workers.

Join us in calling on the Government to scrap this terrible sick leave policy before it goes any further.

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Tell National: Hands off part-time workers' sick leave