New Zealand Labour Party

PM has lost his moral compass over Christmas Island

John Key is showing his weak leadership and refusal to do what is morally right by not raising human rights abuses of New Zealand born Australians on Christmas Island with Malcolm Turnbull, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“This was a weak and gutless display in Parliament today from the Prime Minister. He has failed to stand up for what’s right and his performance was a new low.

“He has lost his moral compass. It is a disgrace.

“The Prime Minister is more concerned about kidding around with ties and keeping his Australian mate happy than he is in raising concerns about the horrific conditions and lack of legal representation for the detainees.

“Many of them have spent decades in Australia and have few links to New Zealand. Deporting them to a country they left decades ago makes no sense. Keeping them isolated from their homes and families in a detention centre has left them angry and without hope.

“The truth about what is happening on Christmas Island is that it has taken a detainee’s death, two days of fires and a full blown riot for the Government to lift a finger and do something about it,” Andrew Little says.