New Zealand Labour Party

PM must explain why he misled on homelessness

John Key must explain why he was so misleading about eight homeless people turning down help from the Ministry of Social Development, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“The Prime Minister is so out of touch on housing that he’ll say anything to deny there’s a crisis and even implying the homeless are there out of choice. His claims that Ministry officials accompanied the Salvation Army to visit these families living in their cars were simply wrong.

“This is a pattern of excuses and denial from this Government. Just this morning Nikki Kaye even claimed that people want to be homeless.

“On a day when new research shows more than 40,000 people are now homeless – up 25 per cent since 2006 – the Government should be coming up with solutions, not making excuses.

“When it comes to the housing crisis, National is making it up as they go along.

“Given the failure of this Government to deliver decent emergency housing – and their punitive approach to welfare and state housing – is it any wonder people are scared off by government officials knocking on their car doors,” Andrew Little says.