New Zealand Labour Party

PM’s claims ring hollow when build target missed

The Prime Minister’s claims that the Government will build 2000 new state houses rings hollow when Housing NZ failed to meet the same target last year, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

“The Finance Minister promised in 2014 (see below) the Government would build 2000 new state houses in 2015 and 1500 every year after that.

“However, they woefully missed that target (see below) with only 1038 – just over half that was promised – built by December 2015, with a further 1243 under construction.

“Bill English is so embarrassed of this failure, he’s now trying to change the goal posts and say that homes still being built somehow meets his target.

“Even during an acute housing shortage – when we have families living in cars and garages – the Government cannot meet such a modest target.

“National is more interested in selling-off state houses to overseas companies, private investors and merchant bankers than focusing on what it should be doing – building more homes to house our most vulnerable.

“How can the public have any faith in John Key’s promise at the weekend that National will build 2000 new state houses?” Phil Twyford says.


Published date: 5 Dec 2014
9692 (2014). Phil Twyford to the Minister Responsible for HNZC (05 Dec 2014): Further to his answer to written question number 9069 (2014) is Housing New Zealand taking any action to increase or speed up its plans to develop and build new housing to counteract the increase in divestment rate, if so, what?
Hon Bill English (Minister Responsible for HNZC) replied: Housing New Zealand is committed to building 2,000 new homes by December 2015 and 1,500 per year thereafter. It will do this by continuing to actively engage with Auckland Council on the delivery of housing under the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Act 2013. It is also actively engaged in the proposed Auckland Unitary Plan which will enable increased supply of housing within existing urban areas, increasing long-term development capacity. In Christchurch, the use of the new provisions of the Land Use Recovery Plan will allow Housing New Zealand to scale up construction activity to deliver 700 new homes by December 2015. In addition, Housing New Zealand is working with councils to minimise consent processing delays. As development consents are obtained, the rate of completed homes is expected to continue to increase.

Published date: 25 May 2016
7132 (2016). Phil Twyford to the Minister Responsible for HNZC (25 May 2016): How many houses did Housing New Zealand build during its multi-year target period of building 2,000 homes (including those in Christchurch) by December 2015?
Hon Bill English (Minister Responsible for HNZC) replied: As at 31 December 2015, Housing New Zealand had achieved its target of having 2,000 homes completed or under construction, with 1,038 units completed and a further 1,243 under construction. As at 30 April 2016 a further 242 new homes have been completed and Housing New Zealand anticipates meeting its Statement of Performance Expectations target of 845 new homes during the 2015/16 financial year.