New Zealand Labour Party

Police indifference over dine-and-dash appalling


The fact that the police couldn’t be bothered investigating a dine–and-dash in Auckland is appalling and shows an indifference that is unacceptable, says Labour’s Police spokesperson Stuart Nash. 

“The way it stands these men have got away scot free after a $300 meal at a Thai restaurant.

“The restaurant provided video footage of the three men who effectively stole the money and yet the police expect the owners to chase this themselves.  How can this be right?  And what do the police expect the owners to do once they find these thieves? 

“This sends a terrible message to restaurant owners – don’t bother calling if you get taken to the cleaners; and a chilling message to would-be thieves – it’s open day on dining and dashing.  

“This indifference to the plight of hard working businesses is not what we expect from our police and I expect the Minister to send a very clear message to the Commissioner and his staff that they need to start acting in a way that reflects the expectations of the wider community,” says Stuart Nash.