New Zealand Labour Party

Police Minister admits resolution rates fall short of expectation

Police Minister Judith Collins has admitted in Parliament current burglary resolution rates are not meeting the expectations of our communities, says Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash

“Out of 284 police stations in New Zealand in 2015, 24 stations recorded zero resolution of the reported burglaries and 158 stations resolved less than 10%. Only 12 stations solved more than 25% of all burglaries, and these were all small stations with less than 100 reported incidents in 2015.

“Out of the 12 policing districts, Auckland was the worst with only 6% resolution rate for burglaries. Even the highest performing district only solved 13% of burglaries. This is unacceptable.

“The Police Minister finally admitted in Parliament yesterday that burglary resolution rates were falling behind the community's expectations, so she now needs to fund the Police in a way that allows them to once again focus on the community.

“The impact of the Police having to absorb over $300m in operational cost increases over the past five years has led to a situation where the Police don’t have the officers on the ground to keep communities safe and solve crime. This is a terrible situation that Judith Collins needs to address as a matter of urgency,” says Stuart Nash.