New Zealand Labour Party

Police search of journalist’s apartment worrying

Police action against a journalist who uncovered a loophole in gun-purchase regulation appears heavy handed, says Labour’s Police spokesperson Stuart Nash.

"I accept that the law is the law, but in this case Ms du Plessis-Allan actually proved the law governing the online purchase of guns wasn't up to scratch and it was arguably a public service.

"We are a first world country where journalists have a right to expose poor laws and practise when it threatens to harm our society, without fear of persecution. This is exactly what Ms du Plessis-Allan did. 

"The police have the discretion to decide when to prosecute, and this is a case where an element of judgement should be exercised. It doesn't seem to be in the public interest in this case, where her actions have resulted in tightening up the process for purchasing a gun online.

"With a sexual assault resolution rate of around 45% and the burglary resolution rate at around 12%, police should show better judgement and concentrate their resources on the issues that are important to the majority of New Zealanders,” says Stuart Nash.