New Zealand Labour Party

Police station ‘relocations’ closures by stealth

The Government is pulling the wool over people’s eyes by claiming 24 police stations have been ‘relocated’ when staff have been transferred to the main local station instead of opening a new office – creating closures by stealth, says Labour’s Police spokesperson Stuart Nash.


“In total 30 small local police stations have shut their doors since 2011/12. In 24 cases Police say they have been relocated. The truth is they have been shifted into existing offices and generally the police officers are working from the main local station.

“To pretend these closures are relocations is stretching the truth to the extreme and will cost the Police public confidence in those areas that lose a station.


“This is part of National’s brutal cost-cutting drive and it’s putting community policing at risk. Police need to be seen as part of the community not stuck in a central police station and only seen by locals when catching criminals.


“Community policing is essential for the Police to have a good relationship with New Zealanders. These stealth closures need to stop,” says Stuart Nash.